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For each of your children, place drops of watery paint on a piece of paper. Then hand out plastic straws and let the children blow the paint across their papers in designs. (Make sure that they blow out through the straws, not breathe in.) If you like, place two primary colors of paint, such as blue and yellow, on their papers so they can experiment with creating new colors.
Give each of your children a thin, white paper plate. Set out crayons, markers, or paint and invite the children to decorate both sides of their plates any way they wish. When they have finished, staple or glue a jumbo craft stick to the back of each plate for a handle. Encourage the children to use their fans to create breezes.


Let your children decorate small cardboard tubes by gluing on torn pieces of colorful magazine pictures. Help them glue several long pieces of ribbon or thin strips of crepe paper to one end of their tubes. At the other end, make a hanger by tying on string or yarn. Have the children hang their windsocks outdoors to see which way the wind is blowing.
Collect light and heavy items, such as a cotton ball, a feather, a leaf, a stone, a scissors, and a book. Let your children experiment with blowing on the items (with and without using plastic straws) to see which ones move in the "wind" and which do not. If you like, use a small fan to create a stronger breeze for experimenting (requires close supervision).

Explain to your children that wind is moving air. Ask: "Since we can't see air, how can we tell that the wind is blowing?" Some clues: clouds moving across the sky, tree branches swaying, wind chimes ringing, paper blowing down the street. As the children give answers to the question, write their responses on paper for them to illustrate later.