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Below are some inexpensive ideas for surrounding your child with meaningful letter activities at home.
Give your child alphabet cookie cutters to use with play dough.
Have your child join with other children to make body letters while lying on the floor. Take pictures of the letter shapes for the children to see when they are finished.
Print letters on small index cards and hide them around your home. Have your child hunt for a specific letter. Use hints like “hot” or “cold” to help them find the correct letter.
Surprise you child with letters in fortune cookies.
Put a letter in a picture snow globe.
Make your own letter photo books, a "B Objects"
Let your child finger paint different letters.
Give your child a box lid filled with a layer of salt, to write letters in.
Show your child how to make letters with a pipe cleaner or Chenille stem.
Have your child make letters with play dough.
Make letter pretzels.
Buy some letter stamps for your child to use.
Look for favorite letters in the newspaper.
Buy large cardboard letters to make puzzles out of at craft stores.
Draw a letter on a piece of paper, say it's sound. Have your child think of a word that starts with that sound. Write that word for your child to see.
Write letters on a piece of paper in dots. Have your child draw over the dots to complete the letter.
Make straight letters with craft sticks, E, T, H, A, M
Have your child look for the letters in her name on road signs.
Cut letters out of pieces of sandpaper, for your child to trace with their finger and to also use for making letter rubbings.