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Preschool Science and Discoveries

Environment Rhymes

Observation Skills

Natural Dyes

Band Instruments


All About Light

Discovering Your Heritage

Science in a Bag

Slimy Sensory Fun

Animal Environments
Measuring Fun

Experiment with Straws

Magnet Games

Learning About Sounds

What's the Weather

Balloon Science

Sensory Play Dough

Sensory Tubs


Glitter Bottle Experiments

It's All About Time

Giving to Animals

Discovering Snow

Making Frost

Healthy Hearts

New Year's Shakers

Drum Making

Winter Bears

Holiday Sights, Sounds & Smells

Exploring Shadows

5 Scenes of Summer

Watermelon Through the Senses

Multi-Scenory Learning - Birds

Outdoor Snacks

Exploring Watermelon

Nature Fun

A Musical Tree

Bug Safari

Ocean Adventures

Water Play

Beautiful Bubbles

Boats Afloat

Caterpillars & Butterflies 

Why Leaves Change Color in the Fall

Plant Parts

Fall Changes

Fall Harvest Activities

Pumpkin Science

Discovering Corn

Spring Measuring Fun

Animals that come from Eggs

An Indoor Garden

The Five Senses of Spring

Gardening with Kids

Discovering Flowers

Eart Day Activities

The Magic of Rain

Egg Experiments

Wind Catchers

Wonderous Wiggle Worms

Discovering Dirt

Windy Day Discoveries

Growing Green

Making Rainbows

Farm Animal Families