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Set out some tempera paint on a small plate or styrofoam meat tray.
Set out some small seasonal cookie cutters.
Give your child a large piece of paper and show her how to dip a cookie cutter in the paint and make a print of it on her paper.

TIP: If you don't have large plain paper, you can use paper grocery bags, cut open or black and white newspaper pages.

CAUTION: Be sure to supervise all art projects with toddlers.

You will need some play dough for this activity. A simple recipe to make your own play dough follows this activity.
Set out some play dough, colored or plain, on a piece of waxed paper.
Next, set out some seasonal cookie cutters and a rolling pin.
Help your toddler, by rolling the play dough out flat.
Then show your child how to make impressions of the cookie shapes in the dough.
NOTE: This activity is more about making pictures in the dough rather than actually cutting out dough shapes.
Place ½ cup salt in a mixing bowl.
Add ½ cup of boiling (or very hot) water and stir, dissolving the salt.
Add a few drops of food coloring if you want colored dough.
You can also add a tablespoon of cooking oil, if you want, but it is not necessary.
Next, gradually add 1 cup of flour and stir. (Let your child help stir).
If the dough is sticky, add more flour, if it is dry add more water.
Stir and kneed the dough until it is pliable but not sticky.
Sprinkle your child's wax paper with flour before placing your home made play dough on the paper.
NOTE: This play dough lasts about a week if kept covered in the refrigerator between uses.

First, you will need to cut out some 3-4" circles for your child to decorate, from light cardboard or heavy paper.
Set out some glue in a small container, along with a small, glue or paint brush.
Show your child how to spread glue over his circle cookies.
Next, set out one of the following for your child to use to decorate his cookies.
Paper confetti
Colored salt
HINT: You may want to wipe your child's hands after they have finished the gluing part of this activity.
VARIATION: These decorated circles could also be used for holiday tree decorations. Just punch a hole at the top of each circle and make a ribbon or yarn hoop to hang the cookies on your tree.


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