Shakers SHAKERS Shakers

Shakers are fun for toddlers to play with.  Some provide sound stimulation, while others provide both sight and sound stimulation.

You will need clear plastic cups for this activity.

  • Let your toddler help you place some noise makers into a plastic cup.
  • For more fun, let your toddler help you place some shinny paper scraps also into the cup.
  • Now place another clear cup on top of the first cup and wrap colorful tape around the middle of your shaker to seal the cups together.

NOISE MAKER SUGGESTIONS:  Beans, bells, rice, corn kernels, etc.
VISUAL DELIGHTS SUGGESTIONS:  Shinny paper scraps, Easter grass, cotton balls, felt shapes, etc.

You can use regular paper cups for this activity.

  • Fill a small paper cup ¼ full with sound makers.
  • Place another cup up-side-down on top and secure with tape.
  • A fun activity to do, is to make several sound makers using different sounds.
  • For a light sound, use some sugar or salt, for a medium sound, use rice or small beans, and for a loud sound, try using some lima beans or small pebbles.

ADDITIONAL SHAKERS – can be made from small boxes, or small sacks.