Glitter Stars


  • Give your toddler a green construction paper evergreen shape (approx. 8’ x 11’).
  • Then, give them a small glue container.
  • Show your child how to make glue dots or squiggles on their tree shapes.
  • When the child is done, place the tree shape in a box lid and let the child sprinkle glitter across his tree.
  • Allow to dry, then hang the tree up on the wall (or send home).

You will need a plain round colored tree bulb for each child.

  • Use a glue bottle or glue pen to write a child’s name on a bulb.
  • Carefully, lie the bulb down in a box lid and let your child sprinkle glitter across the letters of her name.
  • Try to keep the letters to under six.  You may need to use nick names.
  • When dry, carefully wrap the bulb up for the child to take home.


  • Cut out 1” x 6” red or green paper strips.
  • Let each child choose a paper strip.
  • Set out small cups of glue and some small glue brushes.
  • Show your children how to brush glue across their paper strip.
  • Then one at a time, place each child’s strip in a box top and let them sprinkle glitter onto the strip.
  • When dry, tape each strip into a small glitter bracelet for it’s owner.

CAUTION:  When working with glitter, supervise children at all times and tell them not to try to taste the glitter.