Your toddler is sure to enjoy these fun Match Box car activities.
Boy on Slide


  • Make a large slide for your toddler’s cars with a large piece of cardboard.
  • Lean the cardboard up against something like a large pillow.
  • Show your child how to place her car at the top of the cardboard and then let go.
  • Toddlers love watching their cars race down the chute and continue out onto the floor.


  • You could also show your child how to race their cars down an actual small plastic slide.
  • If your slide is outdoors, be sure to put a board or piece of cardboard out in front of the slide, so that the cars can continue racing once they reach the end of the slide.

You will need a large cardboard tube for this activity.

  • Show your child how to take the tube and lean it slightly, then place their car into the tube.
  • The car is hidden as it races down the chute, then comes flying out of the tube onto the floor.

Tunnels are fun for toddlers who like to run their cars around on the floor.

  • Take some books or blocks and make two stacks about 5” tall. 
  • Place a flat piece of cardboard (or other flat object) across the two stacks.
  • You have created a small tunnel for your child’s cars to drive under.
  • You could also set out the appropriate materials and encourage your child to make his own additional tunnels.