Set out a piece of newsprint and lay a large white doilie on it.

Give your child a paint brush, some water and some large squared watercolors.
Show your child how to dip the brush in the water and then onto the paint and then how to wipe the brush across the doilie.
Don’t worry about mixed colors with toddlers, just clean the watercolor tray when your child is finished.
Cut out the center of a large doilie.
Cut out pictures from magazines in circles, the same size as the doilie.
Show your child how to glue the doilie over the picture to create a circular frame.
Set out some markers and let your child decorate the center of the doilie with marker lines and shapes.
Place a doilie on top of a piece of newsprint.
Give your child a small cup or plate with water, plus some paint dobbers.
Show your child how to dip the dobber into the water and then smash it down on the doilie. The colored water will splash out creating fun color bursts.
Allow your child to make one or different colors of color bursts.
Variation: You do not need to use the water, you can just let your child make circles of paint on their doilie using paint dobbers.
Have your child brush glue across the center of a doilie.
Then have him place the doilie in a box lid and sprinkle on some glitter.
Have your child spread glue across the center of her doilie.
Then have her sprinkle confetti on top of the glue.
Have her press the confetti down, so it will hold better.
Take a large craft stick and draw a simple face on the top of one end using a small tipped black marker.
Now take a doilie and fold it in half.
Then lay the craft stick on top of the folded doilie (in the middle with the head sticking up from the doilie) and glue in place.
Finally fold the two doilie sides down, to create a cape for the doll puppet. Glue cape in place.