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Fall is a great time to emphasize the color red. Red apples and red leaves are in great supply.


One of my favorite activities with preschoolers is a color collage. Lay a piece of butcher paper on the floor or on a long table. Let your children take turns painting a patch of red, then sticking on red collage materials.

Have collage materials ready in abundant supply for your children to choose from. Suggestions include:
  • Red pictures cut from magazines
  • Red buttons, red ribbon pieces
  • Red flower petals, red tissue paper squares
  • Red paper hearts, red straw piece
  • Be sure to have some red glitter handy for sprinkling on as each child finishes their small section.
    Let the group collage dry, then hang it on a classroom wall or in a hallway.

    A must to do when emphasizing the color red, is to make up a big batch of red playdough. Let your children make red cherry balls, red apples, red pies and cakes. My favorite quick dough recipe is to put two cups of hot water and one cup of salt in a bowl. Add food coloring and stir the mixture until the salt dissolves. Gradually add two cups flour and stir, then kneed the dough. Add more water or flour as needed. This dough will not last forever, but it will last a week if you keep it covered between uses.
    • Set out a red wagon and encourage your children to till it with red objects from around your room.
    • Encourage your children to wear red clothes to school on a special red day.
    • Place lots of red outfits in your dress-up area.
    • Play the board game, Hi Ho Cherry-O.
    • Call on children wearing red to be the first to get ready to go outside.

    Play a red color game with your children. Have them pretend that they have gone on a trip to a farm. Have them take turns naming red things that they find. Start with, "I went down to the farm and saw a red ______." Children could name things such as, a red barn, a red truck, a red cat, a red hen, a red apple, a red tomato, a red tractor.