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  • Make mud fingerprints on pink pig shapes. Use brown paint or real mud.
  • Make turkey hand prints. Show your children how to paint their hand and press it on a piece of paper. Add legs with black pen.
  • Glue feathers on a small chick shape.
  • Glue grass on a piece of green paper and add cow stickers.
  • Make red apple prints from apples cut crossways.
  • Press dried left over corncobs in paint and then roll them on paper.
  • Make pepper prints by cutting them crossways and dipping them in bright colors of paint.
  • Use cookie cutters of other vegetables (or farm animals). Dip them in paint and then press on paper.

Make a color cord game for your children to play with. Using 16 cards, draw a simple object on each card. You will need

2 red objects Such as an apple and a hen
2 green objects Such as a bean and lettuce
2 yellow objects Such as corn and a chick
2 blue objects Such as blue berries and a truck
2 brown objects Such as a horse and a duck
2 white objects Such as an egg and a goose
2 orange objects Such as a pumpkin and a flower
2 purple objects Such as grapes and an eggplant

Color the objects, then give the cards to your children to play games such as, Go Fish or Concentration.