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Give your children 12 or l6 felt squares of one color plus small felt shapes, such as leaf shapes, in three or four other colors. Let the children glue the shapes onto the felt squares any way they wish. To make the quilt, select a large piece of fabric for a backing and either stitch or glue the squares to it in four equal rows. Display the quilt on a wall or bulletin board.
Show your children pictures of crazy patchwork quilts. (These are fun quilts that are made by sewing small scraps of fabric together anyway they will fit.) Then set out a large paper for a backing, along with assorted gift-wrap and other colorful papers. Let your children cut or tear the colored papers into random shapes and glue them onto the paper backing collage-style until the entire paper is covered. Frame the paper quilt by displaying it on a slightly larger colored background.


Together, look for patterns in pictures of quilts and in things around the room. Then try these activities with your children.
  • Arrange colored blocks in patterns (one red, two blue, one red, two blue, etc.).
  • String colored beads in patterns.
  • Make colored dot patterns on lined paper.
  • Glue three kinds of collage materials on paper in patterns.

Ask your children to close their eyes while you hide a familiar object partway under the edge of a quilt. When they open their eyes, have them try to guess what the object is. Then let the children take turns being the one to hide an object.

Fashion a set of sewing cards for your children. For each card, make a quilt-square pattern on a cardboard square, and punch holes around the edges. Tie one end of a piece of yarn through one of the holes and wrap tape around the other end to make sewing easier. Invite the children to sew the yarn in and out of the holes.