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Let your children try one or more of these ideas.
Dip cooked spaghetti strands into paint and wiggle them across paper like worms.
Make "worm tracks" with pieces of yarn or string dipped into paint.
When finger-painting, wiggle fingers like worms to create designs.

Make play dough and color it brown with tempera paint. Give your children pieces of the dough to roll into snake-like worms. If you wish, let the children arrange their worms on Easter grass placed or glued on paper plates.


Make "worms" by cutting brown yarn into pieces of different lengths. Set out the yarn worms in a pile. Then invite your children to arrange them from shortest to longest or from longest to shortest.
Give each of your children a small paper cup to use for making a "worm home." Let them decorate their cups with glued-on flower shapes cut from colored paper and Easter grass. Help them poke a hole in the bottom of their cups. Then show them how to stick a finger up through the hole for a worm. Encourage them to make up stories about their worm puppets to share with one another.

Read and display books about earthworms. Talk about how the worms help fertilize the soil and keep it loose so plant roots can grow easily. Then bring in a few earthworms for your children to observe with magnifying glasses. Explore questions such as these: "What do the worm bodies look like? What do they feel like? How do they move?" Return the worms to a yard or garden when you have finished.