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Invite your children to try one or more of these activities.
Blue Skies: Brush blue paint over pieces of white paper. When the paint has dried, glue on a few cotton clouds.
Bluebirds: Glue blue craft-store feathers onto bird shapes that have been cut out of blue construction paper.
Blue Waves: Cover pieces of white paper with blue finger-painted waves. Allow the paint to dry before gluing on colored paper boats.
Give your children a variety of materials to use for creating imaginary Blue Bugs. Include such items as blue paper plates or paper cups, blue paper and fabric scraps, blue yarn and ribbon pieces, blue stickers, blue pompoms, and blue chenille stems. Also set out glue, tape, and blue paint with paintbrushes. When the children have completed their Blue Bugs, display their creations for everyone to admire.

With your children, look for blue items, such as the ones below, to count together.
Blue blocks or manipulatives
Blue items of clothing
Blue cars or trucks
At a paint store, pick up several paint strips that contain squares ranging from dark to light shades of blue. Cut each strip into individual squares and store them in a separate envelope. To play, invite your children to take turns opening an envelope, removing the squares, and arranging them from dark to light blue shades or from light to dark blue shades.

Let each of your children choose a blue object, such as a block, a crayon, or a marker, to hold. Then start telling a story about blue. Whenever the children hear the word "blue," have them hold up their blue objects. Continue the story as long as interest lasts.

Tint water with blue food coloring and pour it into a variety of containers, such as milk cartons, margarine tubs, paper cups, or ice cube trays. Place the containers in the freezer. When the blue ice shapes are frozen solid, remove them from the containers and let your children float them in your water table or make ice sculptures with them outdoors.

Tune: "Three Blind Mice"

We love blue. We love blue.
Yes, we do. Yes, we do.
We love the ocean and sky so blue.
We love blue ribbons and blue jeans too.
We love blueberries, so good for you.
Yes, we love blue.
Liz Ryerson

Continue singing about other things that could be blue, such as socks, shirts, crayons, or markers.
There aren't many blue foods to enjoy, but here are a few suggestions.
Make blue gelatin Jigglers cut into fun shapes.
Serve blue corn tortilla chips with a favorite dip.
Eat fresh blueberries plain or on top of cereal.