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Cut an extra-large snow person shape out of white butcher paper. Let your children work together to glue crumpled pieces of plain white paper or white tissue paper all over the shape. Then help them add facial features, a hat, a scarf, and buttons cut from felt or construction paper. Display the finished snow person on a wall for a fun room decoration.
Give your children plastic-foam balls in two sizes to use for making snow people. Also provide blocks of plastic foam to use for bases. Let the children construct their snow people with toothpicks on top of their foam blocks. Set out markers and glue plus collage materials, such as yarn pieces, fabric and paper scraps, and pompoms. Invite the children to decorate their snow people any way they wish.


Provide each of your children with two circles (one about 2 inches and one about 3 inches) cut from white paper. Have them glue their circles onto light blue paper to make snow people. For facial features and buttons, let them glue on small circles punched out of black paper. Help the children count the number of circles on their papers and write down the numbers. Then let them use crayons or markers to add such details as arms, hats, and scarves to their snow people.
Have your children use real snow or play dough to make snow people. When they have finished, ask them to tell what they did first, next, and so on, and write down their responses on a wall chart. Or make sequence cards that illustrate the steps in making a snow person. Mix up the cards and invite the children to put them in the proper sequence.

Cut several snow people shapes of assorted sizes out of white poster board or felt. Decorate the shapes as desired. Give the shapes to your children and invite them to line up the snow people on a table or a flannel board from smallest to largest or from largest to smallest.

In an open area, have your children pretend to be Snow Kids, standing straight and tall. Choose one child to be a Warm Breeze, and give the child a scarf. As the Warm Breeze gently touches the Snow Kids with the scarf, have them slowly melt down to the ground. When all the Snow Kids have melted, choose a new Warm Breeze and start the game again.