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On pieces of pink construction paper, use a pink crayon to draw and color in shapes, such as hearts or flowers. Be sure to press down hard while you are coloring. Mix white tempera paint with water to make a thin wash. Then give the pink papers to your children and invite them to brush on the white wash to make the crayon drawings appear like magic.
For each of your children, place a spoonful of white paint in the middle of a piece of paper and add a drop or two of red paint. Have the children use brushes or small sponges to mix the colors together and create pink designs on their papers.


Spread a pink sheet or blanket out on the floor and place pink objects around the room where your children can easily find them. Ask the children to search for the pink objects. Whenever they find one, have them place it on the sheet or blanket. Continue the game until all the objects have been found.
Give each of your children a 3-inch pink circle to use for a pig body and a 2-inch pink circle for the pig's head. Demonstrate how to glue the smaller circle in the center of the larger circle and draw on eyes, ears, and a pig nose. Then show how to twist half of a pink pipe cleaner into a curly "tail" to tape to the back of the pig body. Complete by attaching a craft stick handle. Let the children use their puppets when reciting nursery rhymes or singing "I'm a Little Piggy," below.

Tune: "I'm a Little Teapot"

I'm a little piggy
With a round pig nose.
I'm all pink
From my head to my toes.
Here's my piggy tail,
As you can see,
It's pink and curly
As it can be.
Elizabeth Scofield