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Place folded paper towels in pie pans and pour on purple paint. Then invite your children to try these activities.
Press corks onto the paint, then stamp them on paper to make grape prints.
Cut thin sponges into tulip shapes. Dip the shapes into the paint and sponge-print tulips on paper. Add green crayon stems and leaves.
Give your children circles cut from purple paper. Have them draw faces on the circles and glue on purple Easter grass or yarn for hair. Then give them strips of purple paper, folded accordion-style, to attach for arms and legs. To complete, help the children glue or tape craft stick handles to the backs of their circles. Encourage them to use their puppets for making up stories or rhymes about purple.

Set out a box painted purple or covered with purple paper. In a basket, place small purple items plus items of other colors, such as feathers, manipulatives, crayons, or felt shapes. Then invite your children to take turns choosing the purple items from the basket and placing them in the purple box.
Let your children use purple crayons and markers to draw pictures on pieces of heavy paper. Cut each child's picture into several puzzle pieces and store them in an envelope labeled with the child's name. Then have the children exchange envelopes and try putting each other's puzzles together.

Try one or more of these ideas with your group.
Go for a walk or to a garden center to see purple flowers in bloom.
Bring in a flowering purple plant for your children to care for.
Use purple flower pictures cut from seed catalogs to make a garden mural.

What happens when red and blue are mixed together? Try these experiments with your children to find out.
Use food coloring to make red and blue ice cubes in a clean plastic-foam egg carton. Drop one red and one blue ice cube into a glass of water, and wait for a new color, purple, to appear.
Squeeze drops of red and blue food coloring into a clear-plastic bottle of water. Fasten the cap securely, then roll the bottle to blend the colors and create purple.

Tune: "Frere Jacques"

We love purple, we love purple.
Yes, we do. Yes, we do.
Purple grapes and eggplant,
Purple plums and grape juice,
Just for me, just for you.
Heather McPhail
Invite your children to work their Purple Puppets, above, when singing the song.

Try serving one of these foods at snacktime.
Grape juice
Purple plums
Purple grapes
Grape jelly on toast