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A Creative Action Story by Jean Warren

A creative action story is a story which invites dramatic play. The story sets the stage, suggests a dramatic prop and encourages the child to expand the story through his imagination. This story features the use of an empty paper towel tube. 

Ladies and gentlemen
As you can all see
A long cardboard tube
I have here with me.
My tube can be a camera
Moving pictures it will take.
I try to catch the action
And hope the film won't break.
It may seem quite useless
And no fun at all.
Yet, with my hollow tube,
I can have a ball.
Now every pirate needs a sword
To prove he is the best.
It also comes in handy
To guard his treasure chest.
It really is like magic
And changes when I say
To lots of different objects
That I can use for play.
Or it's fun to be an elephant,
Picking nuts up off the ground
Or squirting water everywhere
As you turn around.
For instance, when I'm out at night
And cannot find my way.
My tube becomes a flashlight
And makes the night, like day.
Now if a marching band
Should happen down my way.
My tube becomes a clarinet
Just watch my fingers play.
My tube can be a paddle
To row across the bay,
Or it can be a fishing pole
So I can fish all day.
And when I have an extra tube,
Binoculars I can make.
I climb up high and peer out far
Across a field or lake.
Now baseball is my favorite sport
It's always lots of fun,
Especially with my tube bat
To hit a long home run.
So ladies and gentlemen
As you can all see,
It's more than just a cardboard tube
That I have here with me!