When August comes the days are hot,
Cold lemonade sure hits the spot.

Now’s the time to walk on a beach
And feel the sand between my feet.
To build my castles way up tall,
And listen to the seagulls call.

August makes me slow way down
To smell the flowers on the ground.
August lets me read a book,
While lying in a shady nook.

August is that special time
Before you hear the school bells chime.



September brings us cooler days.
Summer toys are packed away.

Now the leaves are falling down,
Red, yellow, orange and brown.

Soon the school doors will open wide
And I can’t wait to be inside.
To see my friends and teacher, too,
To show them everthing that's new.

School is filled with stories and rhymes,
Art,puzzles and music time.

I just love going back to school,
As the days begin to cool.