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Who will sweep the floor?
That's something I know. (Child makes sweeping motions)
Who will help bake pies?
I'm great at kneading dough. (Child makes kneading motions)

Who will pick the flowers?
I hope my mom picks me. (Child makes picking motions)
Who will fold the napkins?
I'm very good you see. (Child makes folding motions)

Who will mash potatoes?
I think that I'm the one. (Child makes mashing motions)
Who will taste the turkey?
Thanksgiving's so much fun? (Child pretends to eat turkey leg)

Who will greet the guests?
I know it will be me. (Child makes hand shaking motions)
Because I love to greet
My whole big family! (Child hugs self)
Jean Warren

Mother makes the dinner.
Grandma brings the pies.
Father carves the turkey.
And I will tell you why. Today is very special
We're thankful, so we say,
"Peace and love to everyone"
It's Thanksgiving Day!
Jean Warren

Four little kids
On Thanksgiving Day,
Went up to a bedroom
So that they could play
The four little kids started jumping on the bed.
One fell off and bumped his head.
He ran to his mother and his mother said,
"No more kids jumping on the bed!"

Three little kids started wiggling on the bed.
One fell off and bumped her head.
She ran to her mother and her mother said,
"No more kids wiggling on the bed!"

Two little kids started rolling on the bed.
One fell off and bumped his head.
He ran to his mother and his mother said,
"No more kids rolling on the bed!"

One little kid, left on the bed.
She got bored and so she said,
"Playing on the bed is not much fun
When you are now the only one!"

Soon it was time for dinner
There were no kids on the bed.
"Happy Thanksgiving,"
Is what they now all said.
Jean Warren
Tune: “When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again”

The turkeys are marching into town, hooray, hooray!
They are marching in a Thanksgiving, Day, parade.
Some are short, some are tall.
Some are big, some are small.
Oh, we’re oh so glad, that they could come today.

The turkeys are marching into town, hooray, hooray!
Watch them waddle, as they march, along, our way.
They spread their feather way out, so.
And they gobble, gobble, as they go.
Oh, we’re all so glad, that dinner has come today!
Jean Warren

Have your children act out the Turkey Parade song, with or without costumes. At the end of the song, have the turkeys look surprised and frightened, then turn around and run off gobbling, before they are caught.