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The teacher goes to the Circletime area and sits down.  Then she calls her children one at a time to join her by singing the following song.  Each time she sings the song she replaces the blank with a different child’s name.

Tune:  “Thumpkin”

Teacher:           Where is __________?
                        Where is __________?
Child:               Here I am.       (Child joins circle)
                        Here I am.    
Teacher:           How are you today,_______?
Child:                Very well, I thank you.
Teacher:            _______ sit down,
                        _______sit down.

Teacher & Child: (Sing for the next child to join them by repeating song.)


At Circletime, as the teacher and the children sit in a circle, the teacher sings the following song to group searching for individual children.

Tune:  “The Muffin Man”

Teacher:  Can you find ______?
                 _______, ________?
               Can you find ______?
               He has a blue shirt on.

Children:  Point to the child.

Continue playing the game and singing the song about each of the other children in the group. 

Tune: "Skip To My Lou"

My name is _______, how about you? (Greeter)
My name is _______, how do you do? (New Child)
I'm so happy to meet you. (New Child)
Welcome, welcome to our school! (Greeter)
                                Jean Warren

Circle, circle, circle 'round.
Let's all sit down on the ground.
Let's all play a real fun game,
While we learn each others names.

Here's a ball, I'll roll to you.
When you catch it, here's what you do.
Say your name, loud and clear, (Child who catches ball, says his/her name.)
Then we all clap and cheer. (Everyone claps and says "Yea")

Then roll the ball, to someone new.
They will catch it just like you.
They will also say their name. (New child who catches ball, says his/her name.)
That is how we play this game. (Continue playing game.)
                                  Jean Warren



Tune: "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star"

Welcome, welcome everyone,
Now you're here, we'll have some fun.
We will work and we will play.
We'll have fun many ways.
Here is what we're going to do.
Listen, so you'll have fun, too! (Adult explains to group what they are going to do)
                      Jean Warren