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Here is a fun card idea for Dad, adapted from an idea by Martha Weinrebe.
Using heavy brown paper, cut out a large baseball mitt shape for your child.
Then, using a hole punch, punch holes around the top and side edges of the mitt.
Next, tie a 12" piece of yarn onto the bottom hole on one side and wrap some tape around the opposite end of the yarn for a needle.
Have your child sew around the mitt, looping the yarn over the outside edge of the mitt for each stitch. (Attach additional yarn if needed)
Next, cut out a large white star shape and write "To An All Star Dad" on it.
Glue the star onto the center of the mitt and have your child write, his name on the bottom of the card.

Make a blank card by folding a piece of heavy paper in half. Give your child a photo cutout of Dad to glue onto the front of the card. Then invite him to add details around the cutout, using crayons or markers. Inside the card, write "Happy Father's Day" along with a message dictated by your child. To complete, help him sign his name or stamp on his thumbprint.

For a fun Father's Day surprise, use colored chalk to print "I Love You, Dad" or a similar holiday greeting on an outdoor sidewalk or concrete patio. Then give the chalk to your child and let her illustrate the greeting. When she is satisfied with her creation, encourage her to lead Dad outside to view his special Father's Day message.


Select five jumbo craft sticks and line them up evenly with the long sides touching. Using a marker, print one letter on each stick to spell out the word "DADDY." Then mix up the sticks, give them to your child, and invite him to put them back together in the proper order. If you wish, print the word on a card for your child to use as a guide when working the puzzle.
Let your child enjoy activities like these on Dad's special day.
Start with a circle drawn on paper. Take turns with Dad adding details to the shape to create a one-of-a-kind cartoon character. Give the character a name.
Have Dad begin by telling or reading a favorite story from his childhood. Then have your child tell or "read" a favorite story to Dad.
Take turns with Dad tossing crumpled newspaper balls into a basket. Count together the number of balls that made it inside.

Encourage your child to show appreciation for Dad by helping in such ways as these.
Washing the car together
Sorting small hardware items into containers
Pulling weeds
Here's a fun activity for your child try while Dad is shaving. Use a crayon to draw a man's face on a piece of heavy, colored paper. Squirt some shaving cream onto the face where a beard might grow. Then let your child use a craft stick to "shave" the cream off the face picture.

Tune: "London Bridge"

Happy Father's Day to you,
Day to you, Day to you.
Happy Father's Day to you.
Love you, Daddy! You're the best dad; yes, it's true,
Yes, it's true; yes, it's true.
You're the best dad; yes, it's true.
Love you, Daddy!
Elizabeth Scofield
Let your child help make a batch of popcorn for Dad. Then have her turn the warm, buttered treat into something special by sprinkling on one of the flavorings below.
Grated Parmesan cheese
A mixture of cinnamon and sugar
Taco seasoning