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Hand art activities are always favorites with young children.  They alkso lend themselves to making Calendar Art, when you want to send home a monthly calendar.

Set out black paint and brushes, plus some white paper.

Have your child paint four fingers and part of her palm on one hand.

Then, holding her thumb out of the way, press her painted fingers down on a piece of paper.
Repaint the four fingers and partial palm and this time press the fingers down next to the first print but with the fingers pointing in the opposite direction.
Now, you should see an eight legged black spider crawling across the paper.
This activity has always been a favorite with young children, especially at Thanksgiving time.
Set out some brown paint and a large brush.
Have your child paint the palm and fingers of one hand brown.
Then, set out a sheet of orange or yellow construction paper and have her make a hand print on the paper with her fingers spread out.
Let the turkey print dry.
Then, using a black marking pen, add turkey feet and an eye.
Then, using marking pens, let your child add additional features to her picture, such as; grass, a tree, a barn, a fence, etc.
Variation: If you want a more colorful turkey, you could let your child paint each of her fingers a different color.
Set out a thin layer of white paint in a shallow pan.
Set out some black paper.
Have your toddler place her hand in the paint and then lift it out and make a print on the black paper.
Try to get her to keep her middle fingers together while spreading out the two outside fingers.
When dry, make a mouth and eyes on the handprint ghost using a black marking pen.


  • One at a time have your children, put on a paint shirt with short sleeves.
  • Have each child hold up his arm and paint the underside of his arm and hand with brown paint.  (You may need to help some children with this step.)
  • Then have each child place his painted arm and hand (fingers spread out) onto a clean piece of paper, pressing down hard to leave a print.
  • The print of the arm should resemble a tree trunk and the finger prints should resemble branches.
  • When dry, have each child decorate his tree however he wishes.

                LEAFY TREE (1) – Have children use small sponge squares to sponge paint fall colors all over the branches to resemble fall leaves.
                LEAFY TREE (2) – Cut out small paper leaves of various fall colors for your children to use to glue Fall leaves all over their tree branches.
                LEAFY TREE (3) -  Let your child place fall leave stickers all over his tree branches.
                APPLE TREE – Have your children use small sponge squares to sponge green paint all over the branches of their trees, to resemble green leaves.  When dry, have your children glue small red circles on their trees to resemble apples.