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You will need some bright tempera paint, black paper and a plastic dishwashing scrubber for this activity.
Set out the tempera paint in small bowls.
Set out the black paper and the scrubber.
Show your child how to dip the scrubber into the paint and then onto a piece of black paper.
Repeat with different colors.
You should end up with bursts of fireworks against a black sky.
Variation:  Plastic mesh scrubbers also work for this activity.

Cut out red, white and blue paper strips, approx. 5” x 1”.
Set out the strips and some glue.
Let your child make a chain of red, white and blue.
You will need some self-stick stars and some red and white strips of paper.
Give your child a sheet of blue construction paper for a background paper.
Then set out some glue and the strips of paper.
Have your child glue on the paper strips, however they wish.
Then give your child some self-stick stars to place on his collage.

You will need a small cardboard tube, some curling ribbon and a straw for this activity.
Cover a small cardboard tube with red paper.
Let your child decorate the tube with self-stick stars or marking pens.
Next, help your child tape 5-6 , 4” pieces of curling ribbon.
Now, show your child how to place the straw inside the tube and push it out the top creating a burst of fireworks.
Give your child a sheet of white paper.
Using crayons have your child draw on some fireworks bursts.
An easy way to do this is to have your child draw two or three yellow dots on his paper.
Then using different colors of crayons draw multiple lines running through each dot.
Next, set out some blue paint deluded with water.
Give your child a brush and have him brush the paint across his paper to create a blue night sky.