Any time is a fun time for luminaries (objects lit by candles) but Winter is an especially fun time. When working with preschoolers be sure to use the new battery operated votive candles to light up your objects.


  • Cut a large circular ring out of cardboard.
  • Then cut the ring into as many pieces as you have children.
  • Give each child a section of the ring to decorate.
  • Decoration ideas: 
    • Glitter Wreath- painting section and sprinkling it with glitter while still wet.
    • Holly and Berries - gluing on green holly leaves and red poms (for berries).
    • 3-D Greens – Wrap green tissue paper 1” squares on the bottom of a pencil, then gluing onto their wreath piece, until totally covered.
  • When the sections are done, reconstruct the cardboard circle into a Holiday Wreath to hang in your room or on your door.


  • Give each child a large piece of light blue construction paper and six white cotton balls.
  • Set out some glue and have your children glue their cotton balls onto their papers.
  • When dry, use the papers as the sky for a winter bulletin board. 
  • Use white paper on the bottom of the bulletin board for snow.
  • Let your children color pictures of children playing in the snow on pieces of white paper.
  • When they are done, cut out their pictures and attach them to your display.

  • Cut out a large cardboard heart.
  • Next, cut it into puzzles pieces (one for each child)
  • Give each child a piece of the puzzle and some 1” red tissue squares.
  • Have children twist each tissue square over the end of a pencil, then add a dab of glue to the top and then turn the pencil up-side-down and press it onto their puzzle piece.
  • Have children completely cover their puzzle piece with the red twists.
  • When they are done, put the heart puzzle back together and place it on a wall or door.

Note:  If the puzzle pieces are too large for the children to complete their part of the project in under 15 minutes, you may want to start with a smaller cardboard heart.