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QUICK STARTS FOR RED                         
Count red apples
Cut out red hearts
Cut an apple in half and make red apple prints.
Glue red poms on a green paper apple tree.
Make a red stop sign for your child to play with.
Read the story “Little Red Riding Hood” or the “Little Red Hen”.
Wear red clothes.
Play Hi Ho Cherry-O.
Call on children wearing red to be the first in line.
Place lots of red clothes in your dress-up area.
Make red Jello.
Glue red feathers on a paper cut out of a red hen.
Finger paint with red paint.
Make red playdough.
Make red chains.
Look for red flowers.

This activity is fun to do as a group project.

Lay a piece of butcher paper on the floor or on a long table.
Let your children take turns painting a patch of red, then sticking on red collage materials.
Collage materials could include such items as; red pictures cut from magazines, red buttons, red ribbon pieces, red flower petals, red tissue paper squares, red paper hearts, red straw pieces, red poms, etc.
Be sure to have some red glitter handy for sprinkling on as each child finishes his/her small section.
Let the collage dry, then hang it on a classroom wall or in a hallway.
Variation:  This activity can also be done on a smaller piece of paper and by an individual child.
You will need watermelon seeds, red and green paint and some inexpensive paper plates for this activity.
Give each child a paper plate and some red paint.
Children paint the middle of their plates red.
When the plates are dry, have them paint green around the rim of their plate.

When the green paint is dry, let children glue real watermelon seeds in the middle of their plates.

Give your child a large white heart and some strips of red paper.
Have your child tear off 1” sections from the red strips.
Then have child spread glue across his heart and then cover his heart with the red paper squares.


Bring in a small red wagon.
Let your children take turns pulling the wagon around looking for red objects.
When the first child finds a red object, he places it into the wagon.
Then he lets another child have a turn.

Play a red color game with your children.  Have them pretend that they have gone on a trip to a farm.
Have them take turns naming red things that they find.
Start with, “I went down to the farm and saw a red ______.”
Children could name such things as, a red barn, a red truck, a red cat, a red hen, a red apple, a red tomato, a red tractor.

Here is a fun felt board counting game.

Cut out a large green felt apple tree shape and place it on a felt board.
Cut out 5-10 red felt apples and place them on the bottom of the board.
Now take turns asking children to place a certain number of apples on the tree.
Count the apples on the tree.
Variation:  You can also explore beginning subtraction with this tree and board.  Place all of your apples on the tree.  Have a child remove a certain number of apples, then count how many apples are left on the tree.
Serve lots of red foods when emphasizing the color red.
Tomatoes, spaghetti sauce and ketchup.
Tomato juice, red cool aid  and tomato soup.
Pizza, cookies with red frosting, red peppers.


Tune:  “Three Blind Mice”

I love red, I love red.
That’s what I said, that’s what I said.
Firetrucks, wagons and strawberries piled high.
Stop signs, hearts and pizza pie.
Roses, tomatoes and apples, oh my.
I love red,
That’s what I said.
                        Jean Warren


Four red apples high on the tree,
One fell down next to me.
I gave it to Mother and this is what she said,
“I love apples, juicy and red”.

Three red apples high on the tree,
One fell down next to me.
I gave it to Father and this is what he said,
“I love apples, juicy and red”.

Two red apples high on the tree,
One fell down next to me.
I gave it to Father and this is what he said,
“I love apples, juicy and red”.

One red apple high on the tree,
One fell down next to me.
I gobbled it up and this is what I said,
“No more apples, juicy and red!”
                           Jean Warren