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Invite your children to try one or both of the activities below.
Paper Plate Kites: Decorate both sides of thin paper plates with crayons or markers. Tape tissue paper streamers or ribbons around the plate edges. To complete, poke two holes in the middle of each plate and tie on a yarn kite string, about 12 inches long.
Paper Bag Kites: Use crayons or markers to decorate the sides of brown paper lunch bags. Around the open end of the bags, tape tissue paper or ribbon streamers. Complete each kite by poking a hole on opposite sides of the bag near the top and tying on a yarn handle.
Diamond Kites: Let your children trace around cardboard diamond shapes on large pieces of paper. Have them use crayons or markers to turn the diamond shapes into kites. Then invite them to draw pictures on their papers incorporating the kites.
Kite Mural: Instead of making individual kite pictures, have the children create a mural. Invite them to cut or tear colorful paper into diamond and freeform shapes. Let them tape the shapes onto an extra-large piece of paper for kites, adding yarn kite tails and strings. To complete, have them work together to incorporate the kites in a group picture.

Five little kites just beginning to soar,         (Hold up five fingers.)
The wind blew one away and that left four.   (Bend down first finger.)
Four little kites so colorful to see,     
The wind blew one away and that left three. (Bend down second finger.)
Three little kites waving high for you, 
The wind blew one away and that left two.   (Bend down third finger.)
Two little kites flying in the sun,
The wind blew one away and that left one.   (Bend down fourth finger.)
One little kite having lots of fun,
The wind blew it away and that left none.    (Bend down fifth finger.)
                                                   Liz Ryerson

KITE TAIL COUNTS - Number Recognition/Counting
On a piece of white paper, use a black marker to draw five diamond kite shapes, each with a tail. Number the kites from 1 to 5. Duplicate copies of the paper for your children. Have them name the numeral on each kite and use crayons or markers to draw a matching number of bows on the kite’s tail. When they have finished, let them decorate their kites any way they wish.
- Color Recognition/ Language

From felt, cut out one red kite shape, one blue kite shape, and one yellow kite shape. Add yarn tails and matching felt bows to the tails. Set out the kites and invite your children to take turns playing this flannelboard game as you recite the rhyme below.

Red kite, red kite in the sky,  
I see a red kite flying by. (Child places red kite on flannelboard.)
Blue kite, blue kite in the sky,  
I see a blue kite flying by. (Child places blue kite on flannelboard.)
Yellow kite, yellow kite in the sky,  
I see a yellow kite flying by. (Child places yellow kite on flannelboard.)
Color kites, color kites in the sky,  
Red, blue, and yellow kites flying by. (Child points to each color kite on flannelboard.)

                   Heather McPhail
Repeat the game, using green, orange, and purple kites.

KITE FLYING - Movement
On a breezy day, let your children take their kites from the activity “Simple Kites,” above, outdoors to an open area. Encourage them to run around with their kites to make them “fly.”

- Music/Movement
Tune: “I’m a Little Teapot”

I’m a little kite up in the sky.
See me flying, oh, so high.
When the wind begins to blow and blow,
I twirl and swirl, just watch me go .
           Heather McPhail

Let your children pretend to be kites and act out the song as you sing.

KITE SNACKS - Food Preparation
Have each of your children spread softened cream cheese on two bread triangles and top them with decorations such as raisins and flaked coconut. Then demonstrate how to arrange the two triangles together on a plate to form a diamond-shaped “kite.” Add thin strips cut from fruit leather for kite strings, if you wish.