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Invite your children to try one or more of these activities.
Sidewalk Painting: Use water and various sizes of brushes to paint designs on a sidewalk or patio.
Fuzzy Pictures: Draw pictures on white paper using water based markers. Paint over the pictures with water and watch the outlines soften.
Colored Water Designs: Add drops of food coloring to water. Use it to paint designs on white paper towels or coffee filters.
Here are three fun bubble activities for your children to try.
Bubble Wrap Prints: Brush tempera paint over the top of bubble wrap. Gently press paper on top of the paint, and then lift to reveal bubble prints.
Bubble Popping Prints: Mix bubble solution with tempera paint or food coloring and place large paper on the ground outdoors. Blow bubbles and let them pop on the paper to create prints.
Bowl Bubble Prints: Mix bubble solution with paint or food coloring in a small, sturdy bowl. Blow into the solution with a straw until bubbles rise to the rim. Cover the top of the bowl with paper, and then lift to discover prints.
Fill a large tub with water to use for these activities.
Add common kitchen utensils for water play, such as plastic measuring cups, funnels, turkey basters, squeeze bottles, sieves, and sponges.
Provide objects that sink and objects that float. Can your children predict which will be sinkers and which will be floaters?
Include objects that absorb water and objects that donít. Encourage predicting which will absorb and which wonít.

Make your own bubble solution. To 2½ quarts water, add ½ cup dishwashing liquid plus 2 teaspoons light corn syrup. Pour the solution into a pail for outdoor use.
Use objects that have holes in them for bubble makers: slotted spoons, plastic berry baskets, plastic six-pack holders, and so forth.
Add liquid soap to a pan of water and place the pan in a sunny spot. Using straws, blow bubbles in the water and look for tiny rainbows in the bubbles.

Let your children enjoy these playtime activities.
Wash íní Dry: Wash doll clothes in a tub of sudsy water and rinse. Hang the clothes to dry on a clothesline strung at the childrenís level.
Car Wash: Use sponges and buckets of water to clean bikes, trikes, and wagons. For toy cars and trucks, wash with water and cotton balls.
Water Works: Help with cleaning tasks, such as washing plastic dishes, sponging off the snack table, or washing outdoor areas with a hose.
Invite your children to try one or more of the following activities.
Put on bathing suits and run through the sprinkler.
Try hitting an outdoor target using squeeze bottles filled with water.
Float around the room like bubbles while listening to music.
Let your children help make soup by adding prepared veggies to a pot of water.
Together, measure and stir water into a soft-drink mix. Serve in small cups.
Mix juice with sparkling water for a bubbly beverage.

Tune:  Frere Jacques

Splish, Splash
Splish, Splash
In the tub,
In the tub.

I just love water play.
I could splish and splash all day.
In the tub,
In the tub.
                Jean Warren

Continue with two additional verses.
The song stays the same only “In the tub” changes.
                Second verse:  In the lake (or ocean).
                Third verse:  In rain puddles.