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Explain to your children that they are going to be teachers and design letter games for the group to play. Select an alphabet letter, such as B. For game boards, give each child a piece of paper with a B rubber-stamped on it (vary the placement from paper to paper). Then set out other letter stamps plus washable inkpads and invite the children to cover their papers with prints of the other letters. When they have finished, let them exchange papers and search their game boards for the letter B. Have them circle the letter when they find it.
Give each of your children a square of posterboard with a large numeral from 0 to 9 drawn on it. Invite the children to decorate their number cards with crayons or markers. Help them cut their cards into several interlocking puzzle pieces and store the pieces in separate envelopes. Then have them pretend to be teachers and pass out their puzzles to the group to put back together.

Have your children take turns dictating how they would teach someone to make their favorite snack. As they do so, write their responses on individual pieces of paper for them to illustrate (be sure to record their exact wording). When they have finished, put their recipes together with a colorful paper cover to make a fun cookbook for your reading corner.
Play "Simon Says" but change the wording to "Teacher Says."
Take turns being Teacher and leading the group in counting steps, books, crayons, and so forth.
Have a game of "Teacher, May I?" following the rules for "Mother, May I?"
Invite your children to take turns "teaching" the group how to do a task that they have learned to do, such as brushing teeth, washing hands, combing hair, or tying shoes. Offer help, if needed.
Set up a School Play Center where the children can take turns being teacher and students. Stock the center with such items as picture books, paper, pencils, rulers, a chalkboard and chalk, alphabet and number cards, and "worksheets."

  Have your children stand in a circle. Choose one child to be the Teacher and stand in the middle holding a ball. To play, have the Teacher call out a child's name and gently roll the ball to that child. Have the child then roll the ball back to the Teacher. Let the Teacher continue in the same manner until every child's name has been called. Then choose a new Teacher and start the game again. Continue until everyone has had a turn being the Teacher.

Tune: "Down at the Station"
Down in the schoolroom
Early in the morning,
See the little children
Starting a new day.
See the happy teacher
Teaching them their letters.
"A, B, C, D," hear them say.
Down in the schoolroom
Early in the morning,
See the little children
Starting a new day.
See the happy teacher
Teaching them their numbers.
"1, 2, 3, 4," hear them say.
Liz Ryerson

At snacktime, serve apple slices spread with peanut butter. Or offer the slices plain along with cheese sticks.