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Gift Collages
Give your children rectangles cut from posterboard. Set out holiday decorating materials, such as scraps of gift-wrap paper, pieces of ribbon, gift-wrap bows, and stickers. Then invite your children to glue or tape the materials onto the posterboard rectangles any way they wish to create holiday “gifts.”
Handmade Gift-Wrap
Let your children use one or more of the ideas below to create their own gift-wrap paper.
Sponge-print holiday designs on brown wrapping paper.
Decorate paper lunch bags with glitter-glue designs and holiday stickers.
Rubber-stamp prints on butcher paper, using washable inkpads in holiday colors.
Big Box of Bows

Set out a large box full of gift-wrap bows in assorted colors. Let your children use the bows for the games below.
Sort the bows by color.
Count the number of red bows, the number of blue bows, and so forth.
Line up the bows in patterns, such as red, green, red, green, or red, green, gold, red, green, gold.

Gift Boxes and Lids Match
Cover several shoeboxes and their lids with different patterned or colored gift-wrap paper. Mix up the boxes and lids, and spread them out on the floor or a table. Invite your children to choose lids and place them on the matching patterned or colored boxes.
Gift Guessing Games

Select a box with a lid and decorate it like a gift. Set out several holiday objects or ornaments. Ask your children to cover their eyes while you hide one of the items in the gift box. When they uncover their eyes, let them try to guess which item has now become a “gift.” After they open the box to check their guesses, start the game again, letting the child who first guessed correctly be the one to hide an item.
Choose several familiar objects of various shapes, such as a ball, a plastic bat, a soft Teddy Bear, a large plastic animal, and a block. Wrap the objects in tissue paper. Then let the children try to guess what’s inside the gifts by feeling them. Have them unwrap the gifts to check their guesses. How close were they?
Gift Search
For each of your children, gift-wrap a small treat, such as a box of raisins, a holiday stencil, or some fun stickers. Put all the wrapped gifts into a box and hide it somewhere in the room. Then give the children a map of the room that shows where the box is hidden. Encourage them to use the map clues to find the box. When they have done so, let them each take out a gift to open.
I'm giving you a present

Tune: “Eensy-Weensy Spider”

I’m giving you a present,
I’m wrapping it so well.
Can you guess what’s in it?
I will never tell!
Soon you will unwrap it,
And right before your eyes,
I hope my special present
Will be a big surprise!
Elizabeth Scofield


Gift Wrapped Snacks
In a large bowl, stir together such foods as dry cereal pieces, sunflower seeds, raisins, nuts, and mini marshmallows. For each of your children, place a few spoonfuls of the mixture in the center of a holiday napkin. Bring the sides of the napkin together and secure with a piece of colorful ribbon. Then set out the “gift snacks” for the children to open and enjoy.