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Try one or more of the following ideas with your group.
Let each child decorate two identical paper triangles. Then show the children how to glue their two triangles together on a piece of paper to make a diamond shape.
Have the children use hole punchers in diamond shapes (available at craft stores) to punch diamonds out of various colors of paper. Let them make collages by gluing the colored shapes on white paper.
Show the children how to glue craft sticks onto paper in diamond shapes to make kites. Have them decorate their kites as desired and glue on pieces of yarn for kite strings.
Cut small diamond shapes out of colored paper, sparkly gift-wrap paper, and foil. Invite your children to glue the shapes onto paper crowns or paper bracelets to wear for the day. Or have them trace around their hands on pieces of paper, draw bands on their fingers, and glue a diamond onto each band.

From colored paper, cut out diamond shapes of various sizes. Trace around the shapes on a large piece of white paper, using a marker. Mix up the colored diamonds and let your children match them to their outlined shapes on the white paper. Then have them glue the diamonds in place, if they wish.

Sit with your children and use a deck of playing cards for the activities below.
Sort the diamond cards out on a table or the floor.
Find the cards from 1 (Ace) to 10 and arrange them in numerical order.
Together, count the diamonds on each playing card.

Cut a large diamond shape out of the side of a cardboard carton. Invite your children to stand a few feet away from the carton and take turns tossing beanbags through the diamond-shaped hole.
Use masking tape to make a large diamond shape on the floor. Have the children try tossing beanbags inside the shape.

For each of your children, select one color of paper and cut several diamond shapes out of it. Give each child a paper lunch bag with one of his or her colored diamonds glued onto the front. Hide all the other shapes around the room. Then invite the children to search for the colored diamonds that match those on their bags and put the shapes inside. Later, let them glue their found diamonds onto their bags, if desired.

Tune: “Clementine”

Find a diamond, find a diamond,
Find a diamond on the floor.
Put your finger on the diamond,
On the diamond on the floor.

Find a diamond, find a diamond,
Find a diamond on the floor.
Put your two feet on the diamond,
On the diamond on the floor.
Liz Ryerson
Before singing the song, tape onto the floor several paper diamond shapes for each of your children. Continue with similar verses, such as “Put your elbow on the diamond” or “Put your two knees on the diamond.”
Bake diamond-shaped cookies for kites. Let your children decorate them with frosting and sprinkles and add licorice whips for kite strings.
Cut bread into diamond shapes and spread them with cream cheese. Decorate with chopped veggies. For kite tails, add thin strips of carrot.