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Set out circle stencils and invite your children to trace around them on construction paper. Have them decorate their circles with crayons or markers, and help them cut out the shapes. Then let them glue their circles onto larger paper, adding a few circular pictures cut from magazines, if they wish.
Place folded paper towels in shallow containers and pour on tempera paint. Let your children make circle prints by pressing the ends of corks onto the paint, then onto paper. When the paint has dried, have the children use markers to turn their prints into pictures such as these.
Draw stems on red circles to make cherries.
Add long strings to multicolored circles for balloons.
Draw cars or trucks, incorporating black circles as wheels.

Give each of your children a large white card with five lines drawn across it. Down the left-hand side of the card, number the lines from 1 to 5. Then let the children use one of the methods below to add the matching number of circles to each line.
Glue on circles punched out of colored paper with a paper puncher.
Stamp on circles, using new rubber pencil erasers and washable inkpads.
Attach small color code circle stickers.

For each of the games below, cut out felt circles as suggested and store them in a in a plastic bag. Then let your children put the circles for each game together on a flannelboard.
Snow Kid: From white felt, cut out two sizes of circles for a body and a head. Cut smaller circles out of black felt for facial features and buttons.
Pizza: Cut a large circle out of orange felt for a cheesy pizza. Cut out smaller red circles for pepperoni, black circles for olives, brown circles for sausage, and green rings for peppers.
Cookie: Using brown felt, cut out a large circle for a cookie. Cut smaller circles out of bright colored felt for candies.

Pumpkin, pumpkin
Sitting on the ground,
Look at you,
Big, orange, and round.

Big sun, big sun
Shining on the ground,
Look at you,
Big, yellow, and round.

Truck tire, truck tire
Sitting on the ground,
Look at you,
Big, black, and round.

Night moon, night moon
Shining on the ground,
Look at you,
Big, bright, and round.
Jean Warren
After reciting the rhyme with your children, use it to make a book for your group to illustrate and "read."
Place a Hula-Hoop flat on the floor. Then invite your children to try such activities as these.
Walk, crawl, or tiptoe around the hoop.
Toss beanbags inside the hoop.

Tune: "London Bridge"
Let's go round the Hula-Hoop,
Hula-Hoop, Hula-Hoop.
Let's go round the Hula-Hoop,
Round the circle.
Round and round and round we go,
Round we go, round we go.
Round and round and round we go,
Round the circle.
Heather McPhail
While singing, hold hands and circle round a Hula-Hoop placed on the floor. Continue with a verse for each child: "Noah's going round the hoop; Brooke is going round the hoop," and so on.
At snacktime, offer your children round foods. Here are a few suggestions.
Banana or carrot slices
Toasted English muffins with fruit spread
Round cookies for your children to decorate and eat