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Try one or more of the following collage activities with your group.
Cut various sizes of triangles out of bright colored paper. Invite your children to glue the shapes onto dark colored paper any way they wish.
Let your children make collages using triangles cut from fabric scraps
Have your children decorate triangles drawn on light colored paper. Help them cut out the shapes and glue them onto dark colored paper.
Let your children try these triangle art activities.
Evergreen Trees: Decorate green paper triangles with brown fingerprint "pine cones."
Jack-o'-Lanterns: Glue black or yellow triangles onto orange paper circles for Halloween pumpkin faces.
Ice Cream Cones: Glue brown triangle cone shapes onto paper. Add colorful paper circles for scoops of ice cream.

From one color of heavy paper, cut out pairs of triangles in different sizes: two tall and skinny, two short and wide, two with equal sides, and so on. Use the shapes for these games.
Mix up the triangles and invite your children to find the match-ups.
Trace around the triangles on a large poster board square. Have the children place the shapes on the matching tracings.
On a piece of paper for each of your children, use a marker to draw a dotted outline of a large triangle. Then show the children how to use a crayon to complete their triangles by connecting the dots.

Pennant: Have your children decorate a large felt triangle with glued-on felt scraps to make a group pennant for your room.
Sailboats: Glue colorful boat shapes onto a large piece of blue paper. Let your children add white triangles for sails.
Tent: Draw a large triangle in the middle of a piece of butcher paper. Invite your children to use crayons or markers to turn the shape into a tent and create a woodsy camping scene around it.
Let your children work together to make triangles in such ways as these.
With whole bodies
With arms and legs
With hands and fingers


Tune: "Jingle Bells"

Triangles, triangles,
Triangles I see.
Count the points and count the sides,
Count them 1, 2, 3.
Triangles, triangles,
Just for you and me.
Count the points and count the sides,
Count them 1, 2, 3.

Liz Ryerson
Hold up a triangle and count the points and sides with your children.
Try one of these ideas at snacktime.
Cut cinnamon toast diagonally to make two large triangles or four small triangles.
Serve triangular crackers with cheese slices or lunch meats cut into matching triangle shapes.