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Let your children try one of the following ideas for making valentines.
Glue red paper hearts onto paper doilies. Decorate with such materials as lace, ribbons, paper scraps, stickers, or rickrack.
Using paper punchers, make holes around the edges of paper hearts to create a lacy effect. Add a sentiment, such as "Be mine, Valentine."
Fashion lacy backgrounds and decorate them with heart stickers. To make each background, fold a piece of white paper into fourths, make small V-shaped cuts around the edges, then open the paper to reveal cut-out designs.
Make blank cards by folding pieces of construction paper in half. Invite your children to decorate the cards using one of the methods below.
Dip heart-shaped cookie cutters into paint and press them on the cards to make prints.
Make heart prints using a variety of rubber stamps plus washable inkpads.
Print with heart shapes cut out of sponges and dipped into tempera paint.

Purchase a box of children's valentines that contains several each of different designs. Make a gameboard by gluing one valentine of each design onto a large poster board square. Set out matching valentines for game cards. To play, let your children take turns placing the game cards on top of the matching valentines on the gameboard.
Use shoeboxes to make mailboxes and number them from 1 to 5. Collect 15 children's valentines and divide them into sets of three. On the back of each card in one set, attach one heart sticker; on the back of each card in the second set, attach two heart stickers; on the back of each card in the third set, attach three heart stickers; and so on. Mix up the valentines. Then invite your children to count the hearts on the backs of the cards and "mail" them in the matching numbered mailboxes.

Collect five or six children's valentines with a different picture on the front of each one. Cut each valentine in half vertically. Mix up the valentine halves and place them in a pile. Then challenge your children to fit the halves together to make whole valentines.

Select a number of children's valentines that contain different designs. Glue strips of felt to the backs of the cards. Then give the valentines to your children to play with on a flannel board. Encourage them to make up stories as they do so.

Tune: "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star"

Here's a heart I made for you,
Trimmed with lace and ribbons, too.
This red heart is meant to say
I like you in every way.
Here's a heart for you from me,
'Cause you are my friend, you see.
Liz Ryerson
Try one of the suggestions below for snacktime. Serve each child's treat on a paper doily.
Cut heart shapes out of bread slices with a cookie cutter. Spread with a favorite sandwich filling.
Bake heart-shaped cookies. Decorate them with red or pink frosting.
Cut strawberries in half vertically. Spread cream cheese on crackers and top each one with a half-strawberry "heart."