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Give each of your children two small paper plates. Have them paint the backs of their plates red and glue a few apple seeds on the fronts. Allow the plates to dry. Then staple each child's plates together, front sides facing, to make an "apple," leaving a small opening at the top for peeking at the seeds inside. To complete, help the children glue on stem and leaf shapes cut from construction paper.
If you live where there are rocks, you can help your children search for round smooth stones to use for "apples". After washing the stones and allowing them to dry, have the children brush on red tempera paint, covering their stones completely. When the paint has dried, help the children cut stem and leaf shapes out of construction paper to glue to the tops of their apples.

Set out several different kinds and colors of apples. With your children, use the apples for the following activities.
Sort the apples by color and count them. How many red apples are there? Green apples? Yellow ones?
Sort and count the apples by kind.
Weigh two apples at a time. Which is heaviest? Which is lightest?
Line up the apples from smallest to largest.

For each of your children, make a set of sequence picture cards that show how an apple grows: a seed in the ground, a sprouting seed, a small tree, a leafy tree, and a tree with apples on it. Let the children color their cards as desired and store them in individual envelopes. To play with their cards, have the children remove them from the envelopes and line them up in the proper order.


Cut apple shapes out of red construction paper. On each shape, glue a magazine picture of a familiar item, such as car or a hat. Place the apple shapes in a box. Sit with your children and invite them to take turns choosing a shape and naming the picture on it. Then have the other children try to name a word that rhymes with the name of the picture. Give help as needed, continuing until everyone has had a turn.
Celebrate Johnny Appleseed's birthday on September 26. Talk about how he walked through the Midwest long ago planting apple trees for all to enjoy.
Guess how many apple seeds might be inside an apple. Cut open the apple and count. Try predicting again with another apple. How close were the guesses?
Examine whole seeds and seeds cut in half with magnifying glasses.
Compare apple seeds with seeds from other fruits, such as an orange, a peach, and a mango.

Tune: "Clementine"

Found an apple, found an apple,
Found an apple big and round.
It was red and oh, so juicy
When I found it on the ground.

Found an apple, found an apple,
Found it growing on a tree.
Now I'll pick it and I'll share it,
Half for you and half for me.
Heather McPhail

Cut an apple in half to illustrate the second verse of the song. If you wish, continue cutting to make four fourths.

There are so many kinds of delicious apple snacks. Set out several from the list below and invite your children to taste and compare them.
Apple wedges
Baked apples
Apple juice
Apple pie
Apple muffins