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Let your children try one or more of these art activities.
Glue orange pictures cut or torn from magazines onto orange paper.
Make pumpkins by painting paper plates orange and pressing on orange tissue paper or crepe-paper squares.
Brush orange tempera paint onto real pumpkins.
For each of your children, provide a tray with some red and yellow finger paint on it. Invite each child to mix the colors together by finger-painting a design on his or her tray. Help the child place a paper on top of the design and gently rub a hand over it. Then lift the paper to reveal a print of the child's finger-painted design on the back.

Find a piece of wide-lined paper for each of your children. On each paper, number the lines from 1 to 5 down the left-hand side. Set out orange washable inkpads and fine-point green markers. Have the children name the numerals on their papers and make matching numbers of orange fingerprints on the lines. Then show them how to turn their fingerprints into pumpkins by adding green-marker stems.
Sit with your children at a table and show them several orange objects, such as a small pumpkin, an orange crayon, a carrot, an orange, and a piece of orange paper. Have the children cover their eyes as you remove one of the items. When the children uncover their eyes, ask them to tell which item is missing. Let the first child to answer correctly remove an item for the next round of the game. Continue until everyone has had a turn.

Hang plain white paper on a wall and invite your children to sit with you in front of it. Start telling a story that contains various orange items and details. As you do so, use orange crayons or markers to illustrate your story. Continue to the story's end. Then invite the children to use your illustrations to retell the story in their own words.

Help your children try these experiments for making orange.
Put together squares cut from red and yellow clear-plastic report covers.
Squeeze drops of red and yellow food coloring into a glass of water.

Tune: "Three Blind Mice"

We love orange, we love orange.
Yes we do, yes we do--
Crunchy carrots so good to eat,
Juicy oranges, oh so sweet,
Pumpkins ready for trick-or-treat.
Yes, we love orange.

Heather McPhail

Choose one or more of the orange foods below to serve at snacktime.
Orange sections
Carrot sticks
Cheddar cheese cubes
Orange juice
Cantaloupe chunks
Dried apricots