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Let your children try one or more of these ideas.
Blueberry Pies: Glue dots punched out of blue paper onto brown circle "crusts."
Meat Pies: Glue magazine pictures of meats and veggies onto brown paper plates.
Make play dough using a favorite recipe and work in a little powdered cinnamon. Set out the dough, along with such utensils as small rolling pins, small pie pans or tart pans, plastic knives, and oven mitts. Then invite your children to use the materials to make pretend pies.

For each of your children, cut five circles out of brown paper. Number the circles from 1 to 5. Let the children dip the ends of corks into red paint and stamp matching numbers of prints on their circles to turn them into "cherry pies." When the paint has dried, fasten each child's pies together in numerical order for the child to use for counting practice.
Make three "pies" by decorating three thin paper plates as desired. Cut one pie in half, one into fourths, and one into eighths. Set out the pie pieces plus another plate for a pie pan. Challenge your children to put the pieces together in the pan in various ways to make a whole pie.
For each of your children, recite the following version of "Little Jack Horner, " substituting the child's name for "Josh." Let the child act out the rhyme as you recite.
Little Josh Horner
Sat in a corner
Eating his yummy pie.
He stuck in his thumb
And pulled out a plum
And said, "What a good boy am I."
Adapted Traditional


Decorate pairs of small paper plates to resemble different kinds of pies, such as apple, berry, banana, chocolate cream, and so on. Mix up the plates and give them to your children to toss into a large open area. Then invite everyone to pick up a pie and walk around to find his or her matching "Pie Partner." (If necessary, join in the game yourself to make an even number of players.)

Tune: "Frere Jacques"
Someone's baking, someone's baking
Pumpkin pie, pumpkin pie.
It's so yummy, yummy
In my tummy, tummy.
Pumpkin pie, pumpkin pie.
Elizabeth Scofield
Continue singing about other kinds of pie, such as apple, cherry, or pecan.
Let your children help you make a favorite kind of pie. (You might try one made with instant pudding and a ready-to-eat crumb crust that does not require baking.) Or set out small servings of several different bakery pies for the children to taste and compare. Which are favorites?