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Try one or both of the ideas below with your children.
Glue or tape twig "branches" onto pieces of construction paper. Give your children small squares of pink and white tissue paper to crumple and glue onto the branches for blossoms.
Cut 3-inch circles out of assorted colors of tissue paper. Show your children how to put two or three circles together and snip around the edges to create a flower. For a stem, poke a pipe cleaner up through the center of the flower and bend over the tip to hold the flower in place.

From construction paper, make paper strips to fit around your children's heads. Set out a variety of flower-shaped rubber stamps plus stamp pads in assorted colors. Invite your children to decorate their headbands with color patterns (red rose-blue rose-red rose-blue rose) or shape patterns (tulip-daisy-tulip-daisy). Tape the finished headbands in place when the children have finished.


Invite your children to play these learning games.
Match pairs of flower shapes cut from assorted colors of paper.
On a flannel board, match pairs of felt flower shapes, such as tulips, bluebells, and daisies.
Match pairs of flower shapes cut from several kinds of fabric.

On a paper for each of your children, make five yellow flower centers. Number them 1 to 5. Give your children washable ink pads and then have them name the number on each flower center and stamp that many fingerprint "petals" around it. Encourage them to add leaves and stems to their flowers, if they wish.

Take your children on a walk to see spring flowers in bloom. Write down the flower names and colors you find. When you return, give the children those colors of crayons, markers, or paint to use for creating a "garden" of their own on a large piece of paper. Display their finished garden as a springtime room decoration.