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Let your children try one or more of these suggestions for making a shamrock.
  • Use a green bingo marker to print three shamrock leaves on paper. Add a green marker stem.
  • Paint three paper plates green. Staple them together in the shape of a shamrock with a green paper stem attached.
  • Make three green fingerprints in the shape of a shamrock. Draw on a stem with a green crayon or marker.
Use white or light green paper to make a blank book for each of your children. Number the pages in each book from 1 to 5. Then hand out the books and invite the children to rubber-stamp matching numbers of green shamrock prints on their book pages. Or give them shamrock stickers to attach to their pages, if you wish.


From green paper or felt, cut out a number of shamrock shapes in a variety of sizes. Invite your children to sort through the shamrocks and arrange them in a line from smallest to largest or from largest to smallest. Encourage them to count the number of shamrocks when they have finished.
For super-easy finger puppets, let your children draw faces on shamrock stickers with ballpoint pens. Then help them attach their stickers to a fingertip. Encourage the children to have their shamrock puppets "talk" to one another. Or let them use their puppets when singing "I'm a Little Shamrock," below.

Invite your children to sit in a circle and show them a glittery shamrock shape. Have them close their eyes while you display the shape where it can be easily seen. When the children open their eyes, let them walk around searching for the shamrock. When they spot it, have them silently come back to the circle. Let the first child to return explain where the shamrock is and then display it for the next round of the game.