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For each of your children, glue or tape a small American flag party pick onto a piece of construction paper. (Or attach an American flag sticker.) Set out crayons or markers. Then invite the children to draw pictures on their papers that incorporate the flags. Use their pictures to make a wall or bulletin board display, if you wish.

Cut felt into rectangles about 6 by 9 inches each. Set out collage materials, such as felt and fabric scraps, yarn, ribbon, lace pieces, and rickrack. Invite your children to choose felt rectangles and glue on the collage materials any way they wish to create personal flags. When they have finished, staple each flag to a paper towel tube for a handle.


From various colors of construction paper, cut out squares, rectangles, and triangles to use as flags. Divide a large piece of paper into three sections and draw a set of flagpoles in each one. Label one section with a square, one with a rectangle, and one with a triangle. Then let your children work together to glue the "shape flags" on the flagpoles in the proper sections.
Make ten flags by stapling or taping small index cards to craft sticks or drinking straws. Decorate the flags in one of the ways below and let your children use them for a matching game.
Number Flags: Draw numerals from 1 to 5 on five of the flags and sets of matching numbered dots or stars on the other five flags.
Color Flags: Draw five different colored circles on five of the flags and matching colored circles on the other five flags.
Picture Flags: Attach five different picture stickers to five of the flags and matching picture stickers to the other five flags.

Display an American flag or a picture of one. Talk with your children about the flag's colors. Together, count the stripes and the stars. Explain that the 13 stripes represent the original 13 states and that the 50 stars represent the present number of states in the United States of America.
Show a picture of your state flag and talk about the symbols on it. Have your children ever seen your state flag on display? If so, where?
Explore pictures of flags that belong to other countries. Talk about their colors and symbols.
Help the children create a flag for your group, and display it in the room.
Give your children scarves to use for flags. Play music and invite them to dance around the room, waving their scarf flags in the air. Vary the tempo of the music to represent winds ranging from gentle breezes to stormy gusts.

Tune: "Row, Row, Row Your Boat"

Wave, wave, wave our flags,
Wave them oh, so high.
Wave our colors back and forth
As we go marching by.
Elizabeth Scofield
 Invite your children to wave their Personal Flags, above, as they sing and march around the room.

Let your children use one of these ideas to turn crackers into "flags." Use thin celery sticks for flagpoles.
Spread softened cream cheese on square or triangular crackers. Add grated carrot or bell pepper strips for decorations.
Cover graham crackers with peanut butter. Decorate with raisins, nuts, or strips of fruit leather.