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Let your children use old wax candles to draw pictures or designs on pieces of white construction paper. Make a wash by mixing a bright color of tempera paint with a little water. Then invite the children to brush the wash over their papers to make their wax pictures magically appear.
Give your children short cardboard tubes to paint any color they wish for candles. Help them glue their candles in the center of small paper plates. Give them yellow paper flame shapes to glue inside the top of their candles, or have them poke squares of yellow tissue paper into the candle tops for flames. To complete, let them glue small pine cones and other nature items around the base of their candles

Cut five candle shapes from any bright color of felt and five flame shapes from yellow or orange felt. Using a marker, number the flames from 1 to 5 and draw matching numbers of dots on the candles. Place the candles on a flannel board. Then let your children count the dots on the candles and place the matching numbered flame shapes above each one.
Collect matching pairs of candles for your children to use when playing these games.
Match pairs of different colored candles.
Match pairs of candles with different scents.
Match pairs of candles that come in different shapes, such as animals or cars.

Draw a large candle picture on paper and tape it to a wall at your children’s eye level. Make a paper flame shape for each child with his or her name on it. Attach a loop of masking tape, rolled sticky side out, to the back of each flame. Then let the children take turns closing their eyes and trying to stick their flame shapes to the top of the candle. Did anyone come close to “lighting” it? Remove the flames and start the game again.

Place a tea candle on the floor. Recite the nursery rhyme “Jack Be Nimble,” below, each time substituting the name of one of your children for “Jack.” As you do so, have the child jump over the candle. Continue by having the children jump over other safe objects, such as a small pillow or a line of tape on the floor.

Jack be nimble, Jack be quick.
Jack jump over the candlestick.

Tune: "Frere Jacques"
Candles burning, candles burning,
Oh, so bright; oh, so bright.
Shining in the windows,
Shining on the tables.
What a sight, what a sight.
Candles burning, candles burning,
Oh, so bright; oh, so bright.
Candles burn for Christmas,
Hanukkah and Kwanzaa.
What a sight, what a sight.
Elizabeth Scofield

Serve your children edible candles at snacktime. For each candle, cut two identical short pieces of celery, stuff them with cream cheese or peanut butter, then stick the two pieces together with the filling sides facing. Add a carrot curl “flame” to the top of the candle.