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For a textured look, let your children place white paper on top of a piece of plastic screen or plastic-mesh veggie bag and rub over the paper with the side of a brown crayon. Cut their papers into basket shapes and let them glue on magazine pictures of toys, foods, or any other items they would like to fill their baskets with.
Collect green plastic berry baskets for your children to use for these activities.
Dip the baskets into paint and press them on paper to make prints.
Weave yarn, ribbon, or colored paper strips in and out of the basket holes.
Fill the baskets with Easter grass and top with decorated paper eggs. Add pipe cleaner handles.


Try one or more of these learning games with your children.
Tie a colored ribbon, such as red, onto a basket handle. Let your children carry the basket around the room and fill it with red objects.
Attach a numeral from 1 to 5 to a basket. Invite the children to fill it with a matching number of objects.
Place familiar objects in a basket. With eyes closed, have the children reach in and try to identify the objects using their sense of touch.
Set out a basket and several objects of different sizes. Hold up the objects, one at a time, and ask your children to predict if they will fit in the basket or not. Then let them test their predictions. With smaller objects, will more than one fit in the basket at a time? If so, can the children predict how many?

Fill a basket with interesting objects and invite your children to sit with you in a circle. Take one object out of the basket and start telling a story about it. Then pass the basket around the circle, asking each child in turn to take out an object and incorporate it into the story. Continue until all the objects have been removed from the basket. Then bring the story to an end.