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Invite your children to choose partners and take turns being Parent and Baby. Let the Parent try teaching a familiar game, such as Peekaboo, or a made-up game to the Baby. When the Baby has "learned" the game, have the partners trade places. Extend the activity by encouraging the Parent to sing a song or a lullaby to the Baby. Continue as long as interest lasts.

Tune: "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star"

Baby, baby wants a nap.
Rock him gently in your lap.
Watch him as he falls asleep.
Quiet now, don't make a peep.
Baby, baby wants a nap.
Rock him gently in your lap.
                       Liz Ryerson

Let your children rock pretend babies as you sing.


At snack time, set out a few prepared baby foods, such as mashed carrots, bananas, or peas and their "grown-up" matches, such as carrot sticks, banana slices, and whole cooked peas. Invite your children to taste and compare the foods. How are they the same? How are they different?