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SHAMROCK TIME continued...

Bring in a live shamrock plant from a local nursery or plant store. Explain that a shamrock is a kind of clover. Show the children examples of real clover or pictures of clover from gardening books. Encourage the children to compare the clover and shamrock plants. Can they see differences in the number or shapes of the leaves? Keep the live shamrock as a special room plant and let your children take turns caring for it.

Tune: "I'm a Little Teapot"

I'm a little shamrock,
Look at me.
Here are my green leaves,
One, two, and three.
When I'm out you know
It's time to say
Have a happy
St. Patrick's Day!
Elizabeth Scofield


Make a shamrock snack for each of your children. Use food coloring to tint softened cream cheese green and spread it onto three round crackers. Arrange the crackers on a plate in the shape of a shamrock and add a celery stick for a stem.