Adapted Christmas folktale
By Jean Warren


The house was swept clean as could be.
All was ready for Christmas Eve.

The tree was trimmed with merry lights,
Ready to glow this special night.

In honor of the first Christmas Eve,
Animals were invited in by the  tree.

Everyone was happy as they stood round the tree.
Everyone except the spider, you see.

She wasn’t invited by the family.
They didn’t want cobwebs on Christmas Eve.

So Spider watched and wished that she
Could join in the fun round the Christmas tree.

Later that night while everyone slept,
Up on the rooftop Spider wept.

She wanted so badly to be part of this night –
Down the chimney she crept by the moon’s light.

When she got to the bottom, there was the tree –
Filled with wonderful sights to see.

She crawled here and there.  She crawled up and down –
All over the tree, from its top to the ground.

Of course, when she left, all you could see
Were cobwebs and cobwebs, all over the tree.

Oh, what would they do when the family found
Cobwebs surrounding the tree like a gown?

But something happened that Christmas Eve,
For in the morning, all could see----

Silver lace, now hung on the tree
Covering the branches magnificently!

The family was thrilled and now they knew
Spiders should be invited, too.

For the joy of Christmas is not for just some.
The joy of Christmas is for everyone!
                                    © Warren Publishing