A Musical Rhyme Story by Jean Warren
             Adapted from a European Folktale

Little Bunny, Little Bunny
Hopping all around,
Looking here – looking there
For honey to be found.

He liked to go to Mrs. Bear’s
Cave to have a peek.
And if she was gone from home,
Into his her cave, he’d sneak.

Now Mrs. Bear, knew that someone
Was stealing from her pot,
So she thought of a way,
For the stealing to stop!

When Little Bunny, creeped into
The cave of Mrs. Bear,
As he reached for the pot,
The pot fell into his hair.

Little Bunny, Little Bunny
With honey in his hair,
Was stuck to the floor
In the cave of Mrs. Bear.

Oh the fire, oh the fire
Was getting oh so hot.
Little Bunny was so scared
He was stuck to the spot.

Then the honey, it got runny
And Little Bunny could now see,
That the honey was thinning
And she soon would be free!

Little Bunny, still loved honey
But he now knew it would be
Safer if he stuck to  carrots,
Spinach greens and peas!

Story may also be sung to the tune of "Oh, My Darling Clementine"