A “Be Careful What You Wish For” Action Rhyme Story
by Jean Warren


There once was a fish, who swam all around.
He liked to swim up.  He liked to swim down.

He swam to the surface and peeked at the sky.
He loved to watch all the birds flying by.

Oh, how he wished that he, too, could fly!
What fun he would have, way up in the sky.

So he swam to the bottom, then swam back up, fast.
Out of the water, he shot like a blast.

Up, up he went.  Up, up, so high.
At last, he thought, now he would fly.

But instead of flying, he started to fall.
Twirling and whirling, it was no fun at all!

At last, he splashed down to his home in the sea.
This was the place, he was meant to be.

Never again, did he wish he could fly.
Swimming was best, And I’ll tell you why –
He’s a FISH!
                                     © Warren Publishing House

You can make a fish for your children to throw up in the air, that will twirl as it comes down. Use a page of magazine paper and cut it out a 1” x 11” strip.  Draw a line up one inch from both ends of the paper.  Cut half way across the line on one end and cut half way across the line on the other end.  Now attach the two ends, by sliding one cut end through the other cut end.  Bend out paper ends and toss the paper fish up into the air. It should twirl as it falls down.