A Farm and Mother’s Day Rhyme Story
by Jean Warren

At the edge of the lake, in the middle of the farm,
Was a beautiful nest safe from all harm.

In the middle of the nest, just hatched from their eggs,
Stood two fuzzy ducklings with four tiny legs.

They flapped their wings but couldn’t fly.
“Where’s our mother?” they started to cry.

When no one came, they decided to roam.
“Let’s find our mother, then come back home.”

First they saw a pig lying in the mud.
“This must be our mother.  Let’s give old Mom a hug!”

“Grunt,” said the pig.  “Surely you can see
You’re much to scrawny to belong to me.”

Next the little ducklings came upon a cow.
“You must be our mother,” so they gave the cow a bow.

“I’m not your mother,” the big cow moo-ed.
“You are much too ugly and eat such funny food!”

The little baby ducklings looked and looked all day.
“Wherever mother is, she must be far away.”

So the little ducks waddled back to their safe nest
And since they were so tired, they took a little rest.

Now while they were sleeping, they heard a great big quack
And when they opened their eyes, their mother was back.

Quack, quack,” said the mother.  “Quack, quack,” said the two.
‘Cause that’s how a duck says, “I love you!”

© Warren Publishing House