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                                           A number rhyme, felt board story

Ten little pumpkins all in a line,
A monster took one, then there were nine.

Nine little pumpkins peeking through the gate,
An old witch took one, then there were eight.

Eight little pumpkins (there never were eleven),
A green goblin took one, then there were seven.

Seven little pumpkins full of jolly tricks,
A white ghost took one, then there were six.

Six little pumpkins glad to be alive,
A black cat took one, then there were five.

Five little pumpkins not one more,
A pirate took one, then there were four.

Four little pumpkins, a jolly site to see,
A dinosaur took one, then there were three.

Three little pumpkins with nothing to do,
A ballerina took one, then there were two.

Two little pumpkins having lots of fun,
A spaceman took one, then there was one.

One little pumpkin, now all alone.
I picked it up and took it home.

Ten little pumpkins in a patch so green
Made everyone happy on Halloween!
                                        Author Unknown

Cut ten pumpkin shapes out of orange felt and place them on a felt board.  Remove the shapes one at a time as you read the story.  You could also have your children help you act out the story.