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Let your children take turns filling in the blank spaces of these stories.
These stories can be read over and over and be different each time.

Snowbird, snowbird up in the tree.
In the snow, what do you see?
I see a ________ in the snow.

Snowbird, snowbird up in the sky.
In the snow, what do you spy?
I see a ________ in the snow.

Snowbird, snowbird flying up high.
What in the snow, are you flying by?
I see a ________ in the snow.
                              Jean Warren


Four little snowbirds went out to play.
Along came  _______
And chased one away.

Three little snowbirds out in the snow.
Along came  ______
And one decided to go.

Two little snowbirds up in the tree.
Along came  _______
Now only one do I see.

One little snowbird, now all alone.
Along came  _______
So he flew home.
                             Jean Warren


Snow, snow all around.
I like to watch it _______ to the ground.

Snow, snow oh so cold.
It feels like _______ on my nose.

Snow, snow falling hard.
It looks like _______ on the yard.

Snow, snow on the ground.
Makes a very _______ sound.

Snow, snow, let’s make balls.
Then we’ll make a ______ so tall.
                               Jean Warren