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                                            A Hanukkah Story by Jean Warren

Huff and Puff one winter night
Saw some houses full of light.

They peeked in the windows and they found
Children spinning tops around.

They watched the tops spin and spin.
And wished that they could join right in.

So they decided to ask the wind
If he would teach them how to spin.

The wind said, “Sure” with a great big grin,
Then gave them both a gentle spin.

‘Round and ‘round went Huff and Puff
Spinning they found wasn’t so tough.

But then the wind decided to show
Huff and Puff how fast he could blow.

He spun them up, he spun then down.
He spun them ‘round and ‘round and ‘round.

He blew the houses and the trees.
The wind was such a great big tease.

He blew so hard, that winter night.
That all the houses lost their lights.

Now what would the children do?
They could not see, their fun was through.

But when Huff and Puff  looked below
Every house was all aglow.

Every house was filled with light
From lots candles – cheery and bright!

It was a magical holiday night,
As everyone gathered around the light.

There was food and presents and so much fun.
It seems that Hanakka had begun!

Huff and Pull went home that night.
Filled with the wonder of candlelight!

(Huff and Puff are two cloud characters that love to interact with what is going on down below them.)

© Jean Warren, 2006